1. Train
  2. Read
  3. Approach
  4. Level Up at Work


My main goal at the moment is training. I took most of last year off resting and trying to figure out how to correct an injury. Now that I’m over that hump, I’d like to put most of my efforts here. There are a couple reasons for this:

  • I’m still skinny and weak AF. I’ve been training consistently since 2015. While that’s true, I only went to the gym twice a week. One day for cardio, and one day for strength. I should’ve at least been doing strength on both days. I imagine half of my gains were washed away on the intense cardio days. So we’re going to correct that. Over the past 6 months I’ve upped the intensity by increasing frequency to 4x a week for strength/hypertrophy training and using mixed training styles (including mobility work). 
  • Seeing progress in my training will help manifest change in other areas of my life. As I progress, I’m getting stronger, and my physique is slowly but surely changing. With those changes I can’t help but to be more confident in other areas of my life, such as my work and approaching women.


Since leaving university almost more than a decade ago. I’ve put almost zero effort into reading, and thinking about what I’m reading outside of work and it’s starting to tell on me. My natural charisma will only get me so far. Forgive me in advance for the shite writing. This interest was sparked again when I entered the pick-up world, and start identifying other areas of self improvement. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a big proponent of self improvement, but not when it came to reading. So I’ll have to thank all of players out there for their recommendations. I recently did a massive book haul. In fact, probably 80% of the books are from those recommended by RedQuest. I can tell he reads a lot and from a variety of sources, and it shows in his ability to articulate himself. So seems like a good place to start. 


I’ve done a bit of approaching before I was aware of this level of game. Half of my issue is that even growing up, I thought that girls should be approaching me. Albeit few, I’ve had experiences where they do approach me, but there’s always something off whether it be looks or something’s not right in her head. The final exception is usually that I’m traveling, and I’m the shiny new thing in town, and the girl likes my look. I used these few experiences to justify why I shouldn’t put in the work for a long time. 

I also had my time with SOD. Again, there was always something off about the chick. If I was lucky to match with a chick that I had high interest in, there was no reply or she wasn’t coming out. Random one-off experiences would teach me that I could do better in real life. It’s easier to display value in real life than through six photos and 200 character description. I don’t care how professional your photos are, or how catchy you bio is. It clearly works for some, but overall it’s too much work and I wasn’t getting the feedback I need to improve. Obviously maybe better pictures might get you a better match rate, but that doesn’t equate to actual dates where you have the vibe and the energy of the person in front of you giving you indirect/direct feedback. Furthermore, SOD messes up my whole vibe. It makes me edgy, and it’s a real self-esteem killer. Plus, it’s full time that I choose. My experiences were long before RPD’s experiment, but goes to show it not worth it in my opinion.

My issue thus far with approaching has been that I give up at the first hint of resistance during the initial approach. This happens mainly with women I think are on my same level or higher. If she says she has a boyfriend, then I’m out. If she tries to pass me to her friend, I’m out.  If she’s answering but barely receptive, I’m out. I just figure that I can find women who are more receptive, but most of the time if I do, they’re not as hot. Perhaps I’m delusional about my current overall value and/or I need to lower my standards. My natural game is probably too nice-guyish which doesn’t help either. I also clearly need help with my ego.

So there are some major gaps here I’d like to fill. It’s time to put in the work and get more approaches in. I will say that I enjoy day game a lot more than night game. It’s bright, I can actually see what she looks like, and it’s kind of fun and unexpected since most people walk around with their nose in their phones these days. And when I say day game, I’m just going about my day and if I see something I like I’ll try something if I’m not too nervous. While night game tends to be more fruitful in terms of quantity, it is a bit annoying to me. Most of the places I genuinely like to go to play loud music. It’s hard to hear and see. It also conflicts with getting up early so I try to limit this when possible. I do enjoy dancing though, so night life will continue to be a part of my life  to some extent because of it. 


Work is last because I’ve literally poured everything into work for the past 6 years. In Mystery’s book, he talks about health, wealth, and love. I haven’t done too bad for health and wealth, but the dating life has been inconsistent and almost inexistent. 

I do have goals that I would like to see come to fruition in the next couple of years, but I think leveling out the playing field will do me some good. If anything I’d like to leverage the reading goal to help with career goals. A large part of my career has been based on doing, but as I aspire to higher levels and also consider other options it’s more about managing the doing, coming up with creative ideas, and actually having an opinion on things. I’m looking to cultivate this in part by reading different kinds of books, and thinking about what I’m reading.  

Time to get to it.

3 thoughts on “Goals

  1. If you’re a slow respondent to strength/hypertrophy training, then taking off cardio sessions is a must. If you’re a skinny dude by nature, though (your wrist and ankle size matters the most when determining your muscle potential), don’t expect to become a physique model. Many skinny blokes with fast metabolism only start to gain some visible muscle at 30 or later if they train consistently.


  2. Thanks, Baron2Duke. After one year I can now say no cardio has definitely helped. I’m seeing gains. I do have a smaller frame, but I’m going to try and push to the max. All while staying lean, of course. We’ll see what happens.


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