A mini girl tornado is brewing

As I mentioned a few posts back, I’ve really been enjoying Nash’s blog. I’ve taken a break from it for the time being, because I’m in action mode. A mini girl tornado is brewing. I have to thank Nash for this concept of the tornado.

Tornado Cultivation goes someone like this: Hustle the street, take numbers, work the messaging, try to book dates, and spin plates. That’s the basic formula. 


These days its all about that OLD so apart from the street hustling, everything else is valid here. My first week back, I somehow managed to line up 4 dates. I honestly cut the chatting out. In my opinion, chicks that are interested are going to say yes, others won’t budge no matter how much you message them. I haven’t changed any of my pictures or anything in my profile from earlier this year, I think some girls are horny. Me too 😀

The first date of last week was nothing special. I didn’t really find her attractive, but there was good conversation. I’m going to focus on the other dates in depth. All of these beautiful ladies met me at my place, and then we went for a walk. If I like them, I invite them up at the end of the walk. If not, I wish them well. Routines work.

Island Dancer

I met Island Dancer in real life earlier this year. We met at this hippie event that I like to go to. I thought she was pretty when I saw her, but what really did it for me was her accent. I knew she and I were from the same place as soon as I heard her speak. We danced, but it looked like she came with someone else so I let her go. I might’ve seen her around the scene just before everything closed, but very briefly and we never exchanged words. Fast forward to last week. We matched, joked about knowing each other, and then I invited her to go on a walk.

The date overall was good. We’re both from the same place so it was easy to get conversation flowing. The most intriguing part for both of us was what we were both doing at the hippie event. From there we were able to go into all topics including relationships, sex, spirituality. It was fun, and playful. I did invite her up, but she had to go. We had another date setup, but she had to cancel due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Plant Lady

There was is magic here. Or at least I’d like to think so. So Plant Lady noticed my pics from this same hippie event I mentioned, and we were able to vibe immediately on that.

Plant Lady is a firecracker and I love it. I think that balances out my more laid back personality, and brings out a lot of that playfulness. She’s my type. Chinese, nice body, funky ribbon highlights in her hair, radiant smile, yoga body. I could go on and on about this one.

I’m not going to get super detailed, but we went on a walk and talked about the universe, love, and other hippie shit. I invited her back up to my place for tea and we chatted some more. We kissed. Lovely lips. She’d let me feel her up but didn’t want to go any further. She’s adamant she’s looking for a relationship or a “partnership”, and I believe her. We spoke a lot about doing the self work, and I can tell she’s really done it. The types of questions she asked me, and the way she thought about the world show me she’s a healthy, feminine woman. I like that.

I invited her back over for a second date. The vibe was generally good. Kissing, and talking. We were talking relationships again, and she really pressed monogamy and asked me if that is something I wanted. I fumbled my words, and I didn’t know how to answer. Knowing what I know now about man-woman dynamics, I could only see that as a possibility after gaining more experience with women in general, and it would have to be with a woman like her. If even, at all though. I could feel at her core this is i something she wanted, while she could feel at my core my incongruence and lack of confidence in this particular area of my life. The next day I sent her a long message spilling my guts, explaining how I’m on my journey and blah blah blah. She wrote back that she wants someone that is already “whole” or closer on their way to being so. I can understand that. If I’m going to lead as a man I can see how a woman would want someone who is at a higher level of consciousness, status, or whatever else than her. She was cool with remaining friends, but I respectfully declined. I’ll keep the door open, but time for the next experience in the journey.


I met Techie two days after I met Plant Lady for the first time. I took a day off to recharge, and I even cancelled a date because I needed to start preparing for the next week. Yes, I’m ridiculously responsible, and this chick wanted to change the date logistics but couldn’t confirm the date early enough to lock it in to my schedule. To be honest, I also wasn’t that excited about meeting her because of it either.

Cute little Indian chick. Nice, brown, and thick. Yes. She’s an engineer, so she’s in her masculine energy, but can tell she’s aware of it and tries to tone it down. By this point, I had my routine down to the point where I escalated and went in for the kiss while we were on the walk. The vibe wasn’t as strong as it was with Plant Lady, and I noticed it immediately but I figured, what the heck. Live a little. I invited her back up to my place, and within 10 minutes we were tearing off each other’s clothes. She was thick, omg. 10 pumps in, and it was over. I was spewing at the brim all week, so as soon as I entered her I was ready to explode. We just laughed about it, and talked some more about life and sex until late. I generally like her, and I’m curious. We have plans to meet again.

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