2nd Date with Thai Smile

Thai Smile just left my place not too long ago. We did not do the do, but it was good night. She showed up with good vibes. She was wearing a halter top with this flowy pants/skirt bottom and smelling delicious. She has a very chirpy personality, which makes her fun to be around. She is a few levels more chirpier than Midwest, but I can handle it in doses. I sense a little anxiety underneath the chirpiness. At this point we’ve all been through some shit. She wasn’t afraid to share.

Early in the date, I leaned in to smell what fragrance she was wearing. While doing that I read she was ready to be kissed. Lovely lips. Thai Smile is very into playing her own version of the question game. She likes to ask a lot of questions. This makes it easy to ask questions in return. Most of which I either make up based on the flow of the conversation, or I’ll go to some of the questions from Daygame Mastery or Magnum’s First Date questions. At some point during the night things got heated, and I took a few licks of her clit, and I asked her, “How do you like to cum?” She likes it slow and sensual. This is another reason why I like her and Midwest. They like it slow and sensual. Midwest likes a build up too. A lot of the other chicks I’ve been with this year just want a hard slam. I get anxious with those. When I’m able to take my time I can last longer and actually give the chick some satisfaction…if she’s into that slow, build up kind of sex.

Thai Smile said she wanted to go slow tonight. I pushed as far as I could, and once I read she was at that point I chilled out and we chatted until she had to go. Beautiful body. Smaller upper body, maybe a handful of breasts and a nice round ass. Smooth, supple skin. I want to see her again. I want to learn more about her.

Two points I want to reflect on:

  • Fragrance
    • Since around August I’ve been getting back into upping my fragrance game. I haven’t bought or worn a cologne/fragrance since my ex-wife took mine when she left. One thing that stopped me was I don’t like the way sprays irritate my respiratory system. I recently found some roll-on oils that I like, and all of the chicks I’ve been with since then have mentioned they like it. They only ever tell me this once we get intimate, but I imagine this is one thing that’s pulling them in on the first date. Even this older Italian lady in my building stopped me a few weeks ago to get a whiff. I mention her because she’s very aware of these type of things, and she’s not shy to say it like most women my age probably are.
  • Ideal Situation
    • I feel like I’m going back and forth with what I want everyday. Last post I said one girl would be good. Now I’m thinking two different, consistent girls would be ideal. Two different girls I could see on the regular might help quench my thirst for variety and consistency without being a glutton and neglecting my goals.

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